Mission, Vision, and Goals

TUCCA at innovation day


Our mission is to democratize the scientific building blocks of cultivated meat, build a pipeline of talent and expertise, and foster public trust in this novel technology. Cellular agriculture is a rapidly growing field with the potential to revolutionize the way we produce agricultural products. TUCCA sees our role as developing key infrastructure for the field, be that via research tools and educational materials, physical spaces for collaboration, or frameworks which break down siloes and allow stakeholders to expedite progress. 


Our vision is a world where everything from meat to milk to eggs can be grown from cells instead of animals. We seek to build an imaginative and creative ecosystem of researchers who work side by side with policymakers, entrepreneurs, and the public sphere to use science to build a more just and verdant food system. 


  • Develop and characterize novel technologies such as bioreactors, input materials, production processes, and cell lines for cellular agriculture and cultured meat production
  • Enhance testing and validation of new technologies and products through industrial partnerships
  • Develop standards for safety and nutrition of products and technologies
  • Evaluate the impact of these technologies on consumers and the environment
  • Reduce the cost of cellular agriculture