Core Research Facilities

A student shows a scaffold of fat cells grown in the Cellular Agriculture lab.

Flow Cytometry Core (TLC)
TLC is a core facility offering Flow and Laser Cytometry equipment and services to the local scientific community.

Center for Neuroscience Research (CNR)
CNR-supported core facilities offer services for biological imaging, nucleic acid quantification, real-time PCR (RT-PCR) and rodent behavioral testing.

Preclinical Imaging Core (PIC)
PIC provides equipment and expertise for molecular and anatomical imaging.

Tufts NMR Center
The facility houses two NMR spectrometers that can be used to study proteins and tissue extracts.

Comparative Medicine Services (CMS)
CMS provides an array of in vivo services to support preclinical research and other areas of biomedical research.

Tufts University Core Facility (TUCF)
TUCF provides services and equipment for DNA and protein synthesis and sequencing. 

Imaging and Cell Analysis Core
The facility houses four confocal microscopes and provides imaging services and training.