A doctoral student shows a scaffold of fat cells grown in the Cellular Agriculture lab.

Overview: Summary of Activities

The team at TUCCA is involved in a broad range of research related to cellular agriculture. Topics converge in areas such as: 

  • Cells – cell sourcing (e.g., livestock, fish, crustacean, insect), cell immortalization methods, cell characterization, cell storage and stability, co-culture systems, genetically-modified cells for enhanced features
  • Media – serum free media, media supplementation, alternative sources of growth factors, agricultural inputs to media needs, cost reduction approaches, metabolomics needs
  • Scaffolding – sources of materials, purification, characterization, processing into useful structures, 3D printing, extrusion, 3D systems, thermal impact on properties, nutrition, digestibility, cost reduction approaches
  • Modeling and Informatics – developing models to improve predictive outcomes in terms of growth substrates, the composition of media, cell interactions; genomics, proteomics, metabolomics related to cell culture, cell expansion, cell differentiation, scale up, media composition, etc. 
  • Bioreactors and Scale up –bioreactor designs to address scale up needs
  • Media Recovery and Use – options to recycle or purify media components to improve cell culture efficiency, lower costs, etc.
  • Lifecycle and Techno-Economic Analysis (LCA, TEA) – assessments of processes related to costs, sustainability, and environmental impact
  • Consumer Assessments – consumer assessments of cellular agriculture
  • Nutrition and Safety – assessments of cell ag food nutritional content, safety, etc.