Industry Funding

A doctoral student shows a scaffold of fat cells grown in the Cellular Agriculture lab.

Sponsored Research Agreements

We engage with industry, usually via Sponsored Research Agreements, to conduct specific studies of relevance to the field and to the industrial sponsor. These agreements are coordinated via our Technology Transfer Office ( We would be pleased to connect with companies to determine if we can help address specific needs in the field via such agreements.

Non-Profit Funding - Fellowships

Graduate fellowships have been provided to some of our PhD students via New Harvest. Grants have been provided to some of our PhD students via the Good Food Institute (GFI).

Donations and Gifts

We are grateful to private donors who have contributed to our efforts to establish this initiative at Tufts University.  In particular, those early on who supported our efforts with a strong commitment to this field, and more recently with continued support to help us provide resources to our students and programmatic efforts to continue to grow.  We would be happy to connect and discuss options with donors who wish to support Cellular Agriculture.